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PB Series 2014

PB#1  Tuesday, 26th August 2014

(This meet doubles as the District Trials for "odd" events for Broadwater/Oceanic Secondary Schools)

   4.15pm   Pole Vault (Warm-Up)

   5.00pm   Hammer (All Males)

   5.05pm   Pole Vault (All Males & Females)

   5.10pm   200m Hurdles

   5.30pm   2000m Steeple U18, U20 & Open Males

   5.45pm   2000m Steeple U16 Males

   5.45pm   2000m Steeple All Females

   6.10pm   Hammer (All Females)

   6.10pm   400m Hurdles  

   6.30pm   1500m Walk

   6.50pm   3000m/5000m Walk

Tue 2nd September 2014

South Coast PRIMARY Schools Championships.

PB#2  Saturday, 6th September 2014

(This Meet doubles as the Regional Trials for "odd" events for South Coast Secondary Schools)

 12.15pm   Pole Vault (Warm-Up)

 12.20pm   Hammer (All Males)

   1.05pm   Pole Vault (All Males & Females)

   1.10pm   200m Hurdles

   1.30pm   Hammer (All Females)

   1.30pm   2000m Steeple U18, U20 & Open Males

   1.45pm   2000m Steeple U16 Males

   1.55pm   2000m Steeple All Females

   2.15pm   400m Hurdles  

   2.30pm   1500m Walk, Long Jump, Discus

   2.50pm   3000m/5000m Walk

   3.15pm   60m

   3.30pm   400m, Shot Put, High Jump

   3.50pm   1500m

   4.05pm   200m

Tue-Wed 9th-10th September 2014

South Coast SECONDARY Schools Championships.

PB #3  Tuesday, 16th September 2014

   5.30pm     80/    90/100/110mHurdles, Javelin, Long Jump

    6.00pm     800m

    6.30pm     60m

    6.50pm     400m, High Jump, Shot Put

    7.10pm     100m

    7.35pm     2000m Run/Walk

    7.55pm     200m

PB #4  Friday, 26th September 2014

   4.00pm     Hammer, Pole Vault

    4.15pm     3000m Walk

    4.30pm     200m Hurdles, Triple Jump

    4.50pm     1500m

    5.10pm     80/    90/100/110mHurdles

    5.15pm     High Jump, Discus

    5.40pm     400m               

    6.00pm     100m

    6.20pm     800m, Long Jump, Shot Put

    6.45pm     200m

    7.00pm     3000m

    7.15pm     400m Hurdles

PB #5  Tuesday, 7th October 2014

    5.30pm     80/    90/100/110m Hurdles, Javelin, Long Jump

    6.00pm     800m

    6.30pm     60m

    6.50pm     400m, High Jump, Shot Put

    7.10pm    100m

    7.35pm    1500m Run/Walk

    7.55pm    200m

PB #6  Tuesday, 14th October 2014

   5.20pm     400m Hurdles, Hammer, Triple Jump

    5.35pm     3000m Run/Walk

    5.55pm     200m Hurdles

    6.10pm     60m, High Jump

    6.20pm     Discus

    6.35pm    1500m


2014 Downunder Champs

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Sharon Hannan  
Athletics Australia (AA) Level 4 Sprints, Hurdles & Relays
AA National Womens 4x100m Relay Coach
Peter Hannan    
AA Level 5 High Jump, Level 4 Jumps & Combined Events
IAAF Academy Coach - Combined Events
Former AA National Youth Event Coach - Combined Events (2007-2011)

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