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Sports Credentials are accredited with Athletics Australia as Endorsed Coach Education Providers. Representatives of Sports Credentials facilitate at Get Active Queensland courses, and Level 1, Level 2 and higher level courses throughout the State of Queensland.


A new curriculum for the Level 1 courses was introduced by Athletics Australia after April 1, 2010. At the time it was initially known as Level 1 Beginning Coach. It relates more to the 'how' (the process and skills) of coaching, rather than the 'what' (event specific knowledge) of coaching. From 31 January 2013, this Course is known as Level 1 Community Athletics Coach. This is the first step on the Coaching Pathway.

The Level 2 Intermediate Club Coach is very similar in content to the "old" (prior to April 2010) Level 1 Course, but there is now a greater emphasis on the ability of the participant to 'coach', rather than just technical knowledge.


Level 1 Community Coach and Level 2 courses in Southern Queensland are organised by Qld Athletics Association. In Northern and Far Northern Queensland they are organised by Athletics North Queensland


Teachers' Certificate courses are also conducted as part of the Get Active Queensland Accreditation Programs (GAQAP). Sports Credentials presents these Teachers' Certificate courses as the agent of Queensland Athletics and on behalf of the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing, Queensland. 

These courses are now open to more participants from the community, so if there's one near you and you're interested in attending, please go to website of the Queensland Government Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing -   - or phone the Coordinator - 07 3338 9265 

(Level 8, 111 George Street, Brisbane. QLD. 4000)

Successful completion of both Part A and Part B of the Teachers' Certificate courses allows candidates to apply to be accredited as a Level 2 Intermediate Club Coach.


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Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): All queries regarding RCC or RPL should be directed to Blair Taylor, Coach Accreditation Administrator, at Athletics Australia (


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