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Important Info 2019

CHECK-IN - As always, check-in CLOSES one hour before the scheduled start time of your event (pole vault 90min).  For all athletes in early events up to and including a 9am SCHEDULED start time, we are offering an EMAIL check-in.  CHECK-IN still closes one hour before.  Emailed check-ins cannot be later than one hour before, just the same as personal check-ins.

Please note that the offer of an email check-in for those early events each day is an ON THE DAY option.  Please don't email through prior to the day of competition, BUT make sure you email more than ONE HOUR before the scheduled start time of the event. 


Please send an email to with the subject "CHECK-IN - your surname and first name - your age - your event".  e.g. "CHECK-IN Smith Joe 21 Hammer".  How simple is that??  This does mean, however, that there are absolutely NO excuses at all for anyone coming in to the office after close of the event to plead their case.    It is not necessary to include any words or anything in the body of the email.  This email offer only applies to those events scheduled to start at or before 9am.  Personal check-in is required for all other events.  As per previous years, we will also open check-in for the following day's events, by noon the day before.

Don't forget that you will still need to come and collect your competition bib prior to going to the Call Room.  No number, no competition.


TIMETABLE - The Draft timetable can be found by clicking on the link above.  There may still be some changes as the US athletes have to submit their entries in May and we usually have 80-100 changes each year.  We will do everything in our power NOT to change the timetable too much from what we have now. Please check it CAREFULLY.  Make sure you check for Prelims, Semi-Finals and Finals in the attached timetable as well. 

If there are no entries for an event it will be deleted.  It will not be resurrected.

PARKING - The DownUnder Champs is on during Uni semester.  There is NO parking on campus at all, and all nearby parking options are used by students.  What little parking we have over on the western side is reserved for Officials and disabled access.  For those parents/athletes who regularly use the facility, parking is NOT possible on the western side during DownUnder, unless you are an Official or registered (with Peter) as a volunteer.  

Here are some tips for getting to the Griffith University Athletics Track, Southport, Gold Coast. 

Since 2017, the light rail (G-Link) has opened up right through to Helensvale train station.  The best and almost only

way to get to the track is via the G-Link Tram (Light Rail) or bus.  There is a very busy transport interchange right at

the entrance to the University (and on the other side of the road is the entrance to the GC University Hospital).

The Station name is GCUH.  It's about a 160m walk to the track from the tram platform. 

Trams run every few minutes from Broadbeach in the South, to Helensvale (connecting with heavy rail) in the North. 

This form of transport worked exceedingly well during the Commonwealth Games in 2018 moving tens of thousands of spectators at all times of the day.  All you need to catch the bus or tram on the Gold Coast is a Go Card which you can purchase at any 7-11 store.  There are Park and Ride facilities at Helensvale Station and Parkwood Station (only 2 stops away from GCUH) 

See further details here:

If you're travelling in a group, get the driver to drop everyone and all their equipment/bags/etc off at the set-down area behind the grandstand and then have the driver go park the car and catch the tram.  It really is a wonderfully easy way to travel.

UNIFORMS - There is no requirement for athletes to wear a Club uniform, but I'm sure it would be appreciated by your Club.  It looks great in relays as well.


BIBS - You will be allocated a competition bib with your own name on it.  Please do NOT accept a bib if the name is incorrect, as we have 677 names and some of them differ by only one letter.  If you lose your Bib it will cost you $10 for a replacement.  Pins will be provided.


FOOD AND REFRESHMENTS - The canteen will be operational and we are also once again running a delicious Aussie Bar-B-Que from 7am for breakfast (bacon & egg burgers) and then hamburgers the rest of the day.